Still a Better Love Story Than “Twilight”: Getting Productive

After taking a break for the holidays, which went splendidly despite a few mishaps, I’m back to blogging…and school work. Of course this return to work doesn’t just come out of nowhere for serial procrastinators like myself, it has to be accompanied by the sense of urgency, the feeling of running out of time. And I certainly am, running out of time that is, by Thursday (January 3rd) or Friday (January 4th) I shall be back in the hallowed halls of my beloved University wishing my break was longer.

“What does that have to do with “Twilight”?” you might ask, and I am getting there. As I’ve said in my previous post, I have certain college related things that need to be done over the break and one of them is to read a considerably lengthy book (for me at least) that is also quite boring. Fortunately, the other night while I was watching TV I happened upon the trailer for a movie called “Beautiful Creatures” that is set to be released in February:

Needless to say I got very intrigued so I looked the movie up and as it so happens it was adapted from a series of 4 books by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I immediately obtained a copy of all 4 books for me to read on my computer. I’ll save you my take on the books, but I will tell you it is an interesting read and definitely higher on my ranking than those silly Twilight novels already.

As I powered through the first book in less than a day I wished I could have read my reading assignments with the same determination. An idea suddenly came to me, after finishing the first book in the series I calculated how many pages my reading assignment was and divided it by 4. After that I persuaded myself to finish the 1st of 4 parts of my reading assignment  before moving onto the 2nd book of the series. Now I’m reading the 2nd part of my reading assignment so that I can  start on the 3rd book in the morning.

I guess the point of it all is that maybe I’m starting to grow out of being such a procrastinator. I used to always wait until the very last minute to do things. I mean to the point of typing a 10-page paper the day it’s due or making up a supposedly written speech during class while others are delivering their speeches. I’m starting to find ways to motivate myself, maybe I’m finally growing up (HAHA! NEVER!).  I’m looking at it as a very good thing, I want to make improvements to a lot of things about me in the coming year and this is a nice place to start.


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