Little Black Book

I finally got my buddy stuff from my junior buddy! Let me clarify that statement for you. In our college there is an organization specifically for our degree, and that org has this cool buddy system that pairs up a freshman and a sophomore during the freshman’s entry into the college. The older buddies usually hand down “buddy stuff” which is basically anything to help their younger buddy out in any classes they are taking. So, after failing to get my stuff from my junior buddy before the Christmas break I finally got them! Interestingly enough I also got a present from my buddy in the form of this:

Little Black Book of…I’m-Not-Entirely-Sure-Yet

A fun fact about me is that I absolutely adore all sorts of notebooks,  and this one is no exception. I seriously just have tons of them lying around (it drives my mother bonkers). Bonus points for it being 100% pocketable, too. It’s just that as of right now I have no idea what to write in it. It’s that feeling of having such a clean, new, perfect notebook you almost don’t want to write in it for fear of ruining it forever. It’s one of my favorite gifts though and as soon as I decide what it’s for it’ll get filled up pretty fast for sure.

If I was the type to go on adventures I’d probably write them down in there, but college life has been kind of dull as of late.  Classes have been going on long enough for all of us to just kind of settle back into the routine-ness of it all. Although, our P.E. class (yes, we have P.E. in our university) kind of shocked our bodies after not doing stuff for the break. Other than that it’s back to the academic grindstone and we’re counting down the days to summer (or holy week since that’s the next long-ish break). Until then though we’ve got essay, exams, reports and a few fun film viewing sessions ahead of us.


2 responses to “Little Black Book

  1. Who’s your Junior buddy, Nyx? 🙂

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