It’s funny how supposedly mature college students can be super serious (and grade conscious) one minute and then turn around and be the most silly people out of sheer boredom.

Today we had a class that was a 3 hour long lecture about the respiratory system. It wasn’t your elementary school variety discussion that only involved the lungs either, it included really boring and confusing parts about muscles and a couple bones. Basically, it was 3 hours of looking at skeletons and muscles. The difference was that we had our class in one of the rooms on the Physical Therapy floor of our college. PTs have lots of therapy equipment and a lot of them are like toys. Now for bored college kids in that back of the classroom the equipment was just too hard to resist. About 30-45 minutes into class some of us were bouncing on exercise balls or making the skeletons do funny poses. The following are just some of the things we did:

Lovely Bones 1: Kiss Me.

Lovely Bones


I Want To Hold Your…Metacarpals?

By far the best part of it all though happened in the last 15-20 minutes of the class. My friend John was holding the skeleton’s hand and I reached out to grab it only to recoil when I felt an electric shock. He laughed and said it had been happening since earlier. To fully understand the situation you have to know that we were standing on these big puzzle-like mats (kind of like the one you see at pre-schools). So, after that I tried figuring out how to recreate the shock. I started rubbing my shoes against the mat and then tapping my friend on the shoulder. When he felt the shock we looked at each other and grinned like loons before furiously rubbing our shoes against the mat and picking our new targets. We figured out that we could only shock people if they were also standing on the mats. We started running around shocking people and laughing maniacally(that was mostly me). I honestly thought I was Pikachu for a bit, especially when one of the electric shocks I caused actually made an audible “Bzzzt” sound.

Yup…that’s me.

We even got one of our most serious classmates to join us. He started running around trying to convince people to get on the mats by yelling “Come to the Dark Side!” while building up static to shock them. This went on until the class ended and by then we had about 10 people get on the mat and shock each other. On our way out my friend goes, “I wish we would have figured that out sooner.” Now we’re left wishing and waiting for another chance to have out class on the PT floor just so we can use “the force”.

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