Color on the Walls…and Pretty Much Everywhere Else

Even though it’s Sunday here already, I want to write about the awesome Friday I had. ‘Cause that’s just the way I roll. Deal with it.

So, last Friday started like any other Friday before it. I woke up at 4.30AM (okay maybe it was 5AM), got dressed really quick and headed out with my sister. Her class is at around 8 and mine is 7-7.30, but she gets to school at around 6.30-7 because her school is closer. I get to school a few minutes after just in time for my P.E. class at 7AM although our teacher usually has us start at 7.30.

Now the P.E. I have this semester is Weight Training. We start off with crazy aerobics—the go-up-and-down-on-an-aerobench-with-matching-arm-movements kind—and then do whatever the assigned weight program we have that week tells us to do. And this week it was strength training. The core principle of strength training is basically, a heavy load, but less repetitions to create micro-tears in your muscles so that they regenerate and become more awesome (clearly the last part was made up).

How I feel during P.E. class.

There was a lot of groaning and yelling in the weight room and not  just from the girls, but the guys too. It started with the push-ups, I’ve never been able to do a lot of push-ups, but I somehow managed to pull my shit together and do a couple of real push-ups (none of that knee push-ups shit) while the rather portly guy next to me just moaned and groaned through his push-ups. We did a bunch of other stuff with dumbbells, like bicep and tricep curls that, for someone with a track & field background (more field than track really), felt like being back in high school. I did end up pretty sore though, but our teacher dismissed us early since we had an exam in our next class and most of our other classmates hadn’t shown up anyways so we had already surpassed them by being there.

The exam I had was okay. Multiple choice and an essay question always make for okay exams. My essay was kind of sassy, to be honest. And I may have wrote that our national hero taught us to “party hard, but study harder.” That class wasn’t as significant as what happened after though.

You see for one of our major subjects we had to do 20 hours of participant observation at a pre-school/day care on campus and my first day of duty was Friday from 1pm- 4pm. The pre-school/day care is for the employees of the hospital that’s part of our school. I was kind of nervous at first since I didn’t know what to expect and I ended up spending time with my other classmates who were going to the pre-school that day too (except they’d been going since the week before).

We got to the pre-school at around noon and we spent time with the kids in the vertical class (this was more the day care part since kids could stay in the vert. class all day until they had to go to class in the afternoon) It was pretty easy from there. Little kids may be a bit wary or shy at first, but spend a good 10-20 minutes with them and they’ll warm up to you. So, my friends and I played all sorts of games and I met one of the kids from the class I would be teaching/observing. When it was time for class, I carried her out on my back and  we passed by their classroom where she then proceeded to show me all the stuff in the room.

That’s kind of what it was like…except the little girl wasn’t an angry bear.

The class did their regular exercises before class and off to the classroom we went. Their teachers had them introduce themselves to me one by one which was pretty cool. The teachers had them do art activities like cutting up a piece of paper and coloring each piece and then another wherein they finger-paint onto circles and cut the circles out after it dries. Apparently, little kids have a knack for getting colors and paint EVERYWHERE. We had to give them blank pieces of paper to use as a mat to color on because they were getting crayon lines on the table. During the finger-painting activity I had to have each kid wash their hands before moving onto the next color (you’d be surprised at how amused they get when the soap bubbles become colored or how you can persuade them to get all the color off of their hands with a piggyback ride).

Pretty much what you should expect from little kids with crayons and poster paint.

The teachers were surprised at how I had memorized their names so quickly and that I had this kid and that kid under control. It was all really fun and I am so looking forward to coming back on Wednesday and teaching them an action song (I haven’t thought of which song yet, but suggestions are welcome) It’s going to be and interesting week to come since I’ll be there from Wednesday-Friday before switching out with my friend and coming back around late February again.


One response to “Color on the Walls…and Pretty Much Everywhere Else

  1. How about that kettle/takuri song? (Ako si takuri~ Pandak at mataba~ Heto ang hawakan, at heto ang buhusan~…) This made me reminisce my NSTP days teaching kids! 🙂 Have fun on your next episode with them. 🙂

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