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Breakfast for Dinner and Other Drunken Adventures

So, my godfather invited us to the (re-)opening of his restaurant, Breakfast at Antonio’s, which is an all day breakfast type place. We were supposed to be there at around 4PM, but ended up leaving our house late and running into traffic and basically ending up there at around 7PM. When I saw the menu I was pretty much torn between getting breakfast food or getting the lunch-y/dinner-y food they had cause I was so hungry and I didn’t think pancakes would’ve cut it. I decided to get the MOST AMAZING omelette EVER, it was a 3 egg omelette with bacon, mushrooms and cheese with a side of hash browns and a panini. While I was too hungry to take a picture of my food, my sister got this:


pancakes & sausages with a side of cinnamon covered banana & pineapple

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I have failed

…to get most of my homework done. Seriously, we have to finish reading this book for class, then there’s an exam we need to study for, and this video I have to make and I just for the life of me don’t feel like doing any of it. I’ll probably end up cramming as usual. Right now, I’m just trying to enjoy my Christmas break to the fullest. A break that includes a trip to the opening of my godfather’s all day breakfast place tomorrow (HURRAY!) Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind when I heard “all day breakfast” was: PANCAKES! BACON! PANCAKES! BACON! YUM! I guess I’ll be blogging about food tomorrow 🙂