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This is the Distance Between Point A and Point B

I hate going to school for no good reason. Seriously, I mean my commute is 1 – 1.5 hours long. So, when I’ve only got 1 class for the day I usually have that internal debate of “to go or not to go”. Today was like that, but since my professor said she’d come to class to talk about the book she had us read over the break I decided I would go. Hell, I was about 30+ pages from the end of the book and I didn’t want my effort to go to waste. Now our university has this rule where we’re required to wait for 1/3 of the class time for the professor to show up before pretty much going “Fuck it, I’m gone,” and leaving the class. We were all waiting in the room talking about how the professor would show up because she said so. Half an hour into the class time (which is 1/3 of the class time) we all leave, bummed that our only class for the day didn’t even happen despite what our professor said.

My friends wanted to go to the mall to hit up the arcade and pretty much just hang out, and since I rarely stay in school unless I have to I agreed to go with them. On our way down the stairs one of my classmates who left the room last told us that a clerk from the Department of Social Sciences (that our class for that day was under) needed us to sign an attendance sheet for that day so our trip wouldn’t be a total waste. We ran back and started calling/texting the others to come back and sign the sheet before finally going to the mall.

At the mall we went straight for the arcade and  we all chipped in a couple bucks to play games. In the course of an hour I witnessed/participated in the following:

  • my friends play the most retarded game of Deal or No Deal ever (their strategy was button mash to pick cases and press No Deal until the very end)
  • 2 hardcore games of air hockey, both of which I lost
  • 2 racing games, I came in dead last…both times
  • throwing balls at pictures of Humpty Dumpty
  • my friend kicking major ass in Time Crisis 4
  • 2 foreigners—grown men mind you—playing a game wherein you use dragon-shaped waterguns to push rubber duckies

All in all I think it was worth coming to class since I rarely get to spend time outside of the classroom with my friends (we’re always the first ones out the door and wanting to go home) The 3 dudes that I hung out with today, and a 4th one who disappeared on us are my best friends and it’s always a fun time when the 5 of us get together.