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Wasn’t Halloween Two Months Ago?

I doubt you'd need a Halloween costume with this.

I doubt you’d need a Halloween costume with this.

I get incredibly bored sometimes. And  in my incredible boredom I decide  to fiddle around on Photoshop to see if my boredom can amount to decent shirts or hoodies. Apparently, the theme of today’s editing-induced boredom is The Shining. Isn’t Jack Nicholson menacing? I think this is, by far, one of my favorite pictures of all time mostly because it’s kind of funny and creepy/scary at the same time. The hoodie template is from TheApparelGuy on deviantART and I absolutely love his templates (I use them a lot!).

Still a Better Love Story Than “Twilight”: Getting Productive

After taking a break for the holidays, which went splendidly despite a few mishaps, I’m back to blogging…and school work. Of course this return to work doesn’t just come out of nowhere for serial procrastinators like myself, it has to be accompanied by the sense of urgency, the feeling of running out of time. And I certainly am, running out of time that is, by Thursday (January 3rd) or Friday (January 4th) I shall be back in the hallowed halls of my beloved University wishing my break was longer.

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