So, this is where you supposedly learn about the author of this random-mess-on-the-internet of a blog. Well if you really must know, my name is Nyx (yes, it is a derivative of my full name) I am a college sophomore at the moment and studying Speech & Language Pathology. I am the run-on-sentence-making crazy person your English teacher warned you about. I have garnered the reputation for falling asleep in class A LOT, yet still being able to answer when awoken (or when I feel like it). I’d like to say I’m a recovering pseudo-narcoleptic (I say pseudo since I know a lot of people actually ARE narcoleptic) since I’m trying to break my bad habit.

I’m kind of a goofball most days and my friends sometimes act like they have no clue as to what I am saying (liars!). I like travelling and dream of going to loads of far away places, especially cold and snowy far away places! I like most winter sports, which is ironic for a girl living in a tropical country. I’m also big on music and thankfully not too out of tune. And…I’ve run out of things to say, I will add to this if I think of anything more though!

Oh! and you can find me on Twitter.

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  1. You write fun stuff! 🙂

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