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Watch Me: Arrow

Come for the eye candy, stay because the show doesn’t suck.

I’ve been watching a lot of TV shows since school let out and one that I’ve been particularly fond of is Arrow. Basically, it’s the story of Oliver Queen (a.k.a. really good looking chap in the above photo) and his exploits after returning from being a castaway and becoming a bow and arrow toting vigilante.

At first, I didn’t want to watch it since the 1st season wasn’t even done yet and I’ve never been a big on superheroes on TV (Smallville never was my thing), but once you get passed the seemingly uninteresting bits and Oliver’s laughable inner monologues (I always laugh and skip through the show’s intro because of it) It’s a really good show with a lot of action and “holy crap that was awesome!” moments. Stephen Amell does a good job portraying both super serious post-island Green Arrow and pre-island slightly douche-y spoiled brat Oliver Queen from the flashbacks and the rest of the cast is great too.

FREE ACID and the Backwards Brain

I took a nap late this afternoon. More like, I passed the fuck out. This was after reading the stuff I needed to read for tomorrow’s lesson in Humanities. I had just finished a really long, boring, and very technical sounding essay so falling asleep was easy. I ended up sleeping through the rest of the afternoon (there wasn’t much left of it anyway, it was around 5 or 6-ish PM) and dinner. I woke up, checked my phone and saw that it was 1:30 AM, whoa almost 8 hours of sleep. I went downstairs to grab a glass of water and my parents who were still awake asked me if I wanted food, I just said I’d pass, drink some water, finish the last of my homework and go back to bed.

Fast forward to a few minutes later and me sitting on my bed and looking at stuff around the room. I spot this:

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Wasn’t Halloween Two Months Ago?

I doubt you'd need a Halloween costume with this.

I doubt you’d need a Halloween costume with this.

I get incredibly bored sometimes. And  in my incredible boredom I decide  to fiddle around on Photoshop to see if my boredom can amount to decent shirts or hoodies. Apparently, the theme of today’s editing-induced boredom is The Shining. Isn’t Jack Nicholson menacing? I think this is, by far, one of my favorite pictures of all time mostly because it’s kind of funny and creepy/scary at the same time. The hoodie template is from TheApparelGuy on deviantART and I absolutely love his templates (I use them a lot!).