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Working Vacation

Where have I been?!? That was what you were thinking, right? Haha, well let’s just say it was. I’ve been taking summer classes which, for those of you who don’t know, is basically compressing a semesters worth of class days into about a month. This summer I’m taking 2 classes on Special Education which are part of my college’s SP curriculum. It’s a pretty fun class, it’s just tiring as all hell. 

We got to do a social experiment today where we went to the mall and pretended to be blind/be in a wheelchair. It’s for a paper we have to write and besides being an eye-opening (no pun intended) experience it was also challenging(I bumped into a lot of things…and people). The week before we had to create a booklet on learning disabilities and give a report on them. We also got to watch “Adam”, which is a movie about a guy with Asperger’s.

That’s the short summary of what I’ve been busy with lately. Hopefully, I get to post more interesting things before the summer is over. Our batch is headed into junior year which is probably the most academically challenging part of our undergrad days (senior year is a league of its own) so it might be a little tougher to post then, but we’ll see.

SPF 9000

Summer is in full swing here in Manila and it is hot as hell. I mean 30+°C (86+°F) weather pretty much from morning until late afternoon. So, there have been a couple of days when it’s been hard to get out of bed because of the crippling heat. That eventually lead me to drinking bucket-loads of water, which brought me the first surprise of the summer—a 10 lbs. weight drop! I haven’t even started doing anything physical, but that’s some pretty solid encouragement.

On the 15th I’ll have to go and register for summer classes that start on the 17th and end around the 20th of May. I know that will cut about a month from my summer vacation but it will be nice not to just waste away at home plus I’ll still have weekends and the time after classes to either go walking/running, goof off, or go to shows and stuff like that. We might end up hitting the beaches later in the summer if my parents feel up to it, but for now I’m just re-charging my batteries in preparation for summer classes and an upcoming music festival.


You can’t spell “hiatus” without “us”.

It’s been a really, really long time since I last posted anything. That was probably mainly due to the whirlwind of a 2nd semester I just had that felt like it would never end. But it finally has! Ended that is, and I’m pretty much  free for a little over a week before registration for summer classes and summer classes start up (I know, we work too hard). I have a feeling there will be a lot going on this summer though. I’m thinking of getting into better shape, learning how to drive, maybe a martial arts class, and a music festival or two.  Hopefully procrastination doesn’t get in the way 🙂

The Procrastinator Strikes Back

I have been neglecting my school work again. I have a family tree due, and 2 exams next week and apart from the tiny bit of studying I’ve done I haven’t accomplished much this weekend. I think it’s ’cause I have way too many distractions that I just can’t bear to part with right now. I got a bunch of TV shows and movies from my friend that I’ve been watching, plus a webcomic I’m reading through.

It’s going to be a hectic week, but hopefully things will look up after that. I have a concert and a field trip to look forward to in the coming weeks! I’m actually counting down the days (weeks and months) to summer. Not that I’ll get a vacation since we have summer classes, but that’s a lot less classes than usual and the benefit of being with my friends all summer. Maybe I can actually have a fun summer this year.

Clearly We Aren’t Muggles

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, which is due to the really busy week I’ve had with juggling reports, classes, home work, and my time at volunteering at the pre-school (fun but time consuming, more on that later) Here are some of the adventures I’ve been having told with magic of continuous shooting and PhotoShop:

Enzo says hi!

Enzo says hi!

Ayra and Bea wanted to say hi, too!

Ayra and Bea wanted to say hi, too!


Look! It's Jasmine(her name actually IS Jasmine)! and Mulan(Pat)!

Look! It’s Jasmine(her name actually IS Jasmine)! and Mulan(Pat)! Also, Alyssa really likes to eat


Mira looks kind of possesed

Mira looks kind of possessed


Yeah, we play cards in the halls while waiting for class

Yeah, we play cards in the halls while waiting for class


Disney/Fairy Tale saying: "The bigger the nose, the meaner the person."

Disney/Fairy Tale saying: “The bigger the nose, the meaner the person.”

Pat and Alyssa acting crazy at the pre-school

Pat and Alyssa acting crazy at the pre-school


Kerwyn playing Rock Paper Scissors with the kids

Kerwyn playing Rock Paper Scissors with the kids

I’ll post a bunch of other stuff soon-ish. Especially about my time at the pre-school which, despite being time consuming, was probably the best and most relaxing (in a fun and crazy way) part of my week.


Color on the Walls…and Pretty Much Everywhere Else

Even though it’s Sunday here already, I want to write about the awesome Friday I had. ‘Cause that’s just the way I roll. Deal with it.

So, last Friday started like any other Friday before it. I woke up at 4.30AM (okay maybe it was 5AM), got dressed really quick and headed out with my sister. Her class is at around 8 and mine is 7-7.30, but she gets to school at around 6.30-7 because her school is closer. I get to school a few minutes after just in time for my P.E. class at 7AM although our teacher usually has us start at 7.30.

Now the P.E. I have this semester is Weight Training. We start off with crazy aerobics—the go-up-and-down-on-an-aerobench-with-matching-arm-movements kind—and then do whatever the assigned weight program we have that week tells us to do. And this week it was strength training. The core principle of strength training is basically, a heavy load, but less repetitions to create micro-tears in your muscles so that they regenerate and become more awesome (clearly the last part was made up).

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It’s funny how supposedly mature college students can be super serious (and grade conscious) one minute and then turn around and be the most silly people out of sheer boredom.

Today we had a class that was a 3 hour long lecture about the respiratory system. It wasn’t your elementary school variety discussion that only involved the lungs either, it included really boring and confusing parts about muscles and a couple bones. Basically, it was 3 hours of looking at skeletons and muscles. The difference was that we had our class in one of the rooms on the Physical Therapy floor of our college. PTs have lots of therapy equipment and a lot of them are like toys. Now for bored college kids in that back of the classroom the equipment was just too hard to resist. About 30-45 minutes into class some of us were bouncing on exercise balls or making the skeletons do funny poses. The following are just some of the things we did:

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Little Black Book

I finally got my buddy stuff from my junior buddy! Let me clarify that statement for you. In our college there is an organization specifically for our degree, and that org has this cool buddy system that pairs up a freshman and a sophomore during the freshman’s entry into the college. The older buddies usually hand down “buddy stuff” which is basically anything to help their younger buddy out in any classes they are taking. So, after failing to get my stuff from my junior buddy before the Christmas break I finally got them! Interestingly enough I also got a present from my buddy in the form of this:

Little Black Book of…I’m-Not-Entirely-Sure-Yet

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FREE ACID and the Backwards Brain

I took a nap late this afternoon. More like, I passed the fuck out. This was after reading the stuff I needed to read for tomorrow’s lesson in Humanities. I had just finished a really long, boring, and very technical sounding essay so falling asleep was easy. I ended up sleeping through the rest of the afternoon (there wasn’t much left of it anyway, it was around 5 or 6-ish PM) and dinner. I woke up, checked my phone and saw that it was 1:30 AM, whoa almost 8 hours of sleep. I went downstairs to grab a glass of water and my parents who were still awake asked me if I wanted food, I just said I’d pass, drink some water, finish the last of my homework and go back to bed.

Fast forward to a few minutes later and me sitting on my bed and looking at stuff around the room. I spot this:

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This is the Distance Between Point A and Point B

I hate going to school for no good reason. Seriously, I mean my commute is 1 – 1.5 hours long. So, when I’ve only got 1 class for the day I usually have that internal debate of “to go or not to go”. Today was like that, but since my professor said she’d come to class to talk about the book she had us read over the break I decided I would go. Hell, I was about 30+ pages from the end of the book and I didn’t want my effort to go to waste. Now our university has this rule where we’re required to wait for 1/3 of the class time for the professor to show up before pretty much going “Fuck it, I’m gone,” and leaving the class. We were all waiting in the room talking about how the professor would show up because she said so. Half an hour into the class time (which is 1/3 of the class time) we all leave, bummed that our only class for the day didn’t even happen despite what our professor said.

My friends wanted to go to the mall to hit up the arcade and pretty much just hang out, and since I rarely stay in school unless I have to I agreed to go with them. On our way down the stairs one of my classmates who left the room last told us that a clerk from the Department of Social Sciences (that our class for that day was under) needed us to sign an attendance sheet for that day so our trip wouldn’t be a total waste. We ran back and started calling/texting the others to come back and sign the sheet before finally going to the mall.

At the mall we went straight for the arcade and  we all chipped in a couple bucks to play games. In the course of an hour I witnessed/participated in the following:

  • my friends play the most retarded game of Deal or No Deal ever (their strategy was button mash to pick cases and press No Deal until the very end)
  • 2 hardcore games of air hockey, both of which I lost
  • 2 racing games, I came in dead last…both times
  • throwing balls at pictures of Humpty Dumpty
  • my friend kicking major ass in Time Crisis 4
  • 2 foreigners—grown men mind you—playing a game wherein you use dragon-shaped waterguns to push rubber duckies

All in all I think it was worth coming to class since I rarely get to spend time outside of the classroom with my friends (we’re always the first ones out the door and wanting to go home) The 3 dudes that I hung out with today, and a 4th one who disappeared on us are my best friends and it’s always a fun time when the 5 of us get together.